Review: The Wolf Gift – Anne Rice

Any one who says they love fantasy romances will have heard of Anne Rice and the famous Vampire Chronicles, more specifically "An Interview with a Vampire". The national bestselling author has left behind the cold, elegant vampires, for the brutish and savage werewolf legends. As a massive fan of anything to do with fantasy and … Continue reading Review: The Wolf Gift – Anne Rice

The Dark Heroine (dinner with a vampire) - Abigail Gibbs

The Dark Heroine Review

As a huge vampire/fantasy/romance novel fan, seeing a new author on the shelves always sends me this little thrill of excitement down my back. Especially since Waterstones added a sticker saying "the Sexiest Romance you'll read this year"... and this is the year we had the hype of Fifty Shades of Grey! So without a … Continue reading The Dark Heroine Review