5 excuses against the Ice Bucket Challenge.

We’ve all by now not only seen hundreds of videos of friends doing the ice bucket challenge, but surely we have all been nominated at least once and this obviously means we’ve all seen our fair share of excuses why some people don’t want to do it.

So here is my reply to everyone’s excuse:

  1. “It’s a waste of water” 

This excuse is only allowed if you take group showers, don’t water your garden or your plants, don’t wash your car and recycle rain water. We all waste water, a bucket getting thrown over our heads is no where near as much as a 10 minute shower you have in the morning. So next time you wash your dishes, put the washing machine on or enjoy that lovely hot shower in the morning, think about the sinner that you are.

  1. “ALS aren’t even contributing their funds into research and keeping it for the money hungry bosses” 

This could be a valid point about ALS, I haven’t personally checked into their balance sheets and accounts, but you could have a very valid point. Bad ALS. In that case, just donate to another charity. The charity you donate to is totally of your choice and you can even do research into how they allocate funds to be 100% that your £3 will be spent the best it possibly could. Problem solved.

  1. “Everyone is just doing it to show off, they’re not actually doing it for a good cause”

Well if we all did it and told no one about it, how would it go viral. Imagine is Charles Kennedy just did the ice bucket challenge and didn’t tell anyone about it. It wouldn’t have caused more people to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ do it and donate as result. Maybe not everyone donates, but a good portion have done, which they may not have donated otherwise.

Posting your ice bucket challenge online acts as advertising, a reminder to donate and also as peer pressuring friends and family to join you.

  1. “How does pouring water over you help another charity” 

I understand how pouring water on your head isn’t a direct line to helping others, but then nor is running 10k and everyone thinks that’s acceptable. So where would you put your judgement line, should that person run 100 metres then throw water on their head, because your right that would totally help that charity more.

The only way anyone could directly help a charity is by working with/for the charity in question. So if we don’t work for them but would like to help, then giving them money is our way to help.

  1. “Why should you pour water over your self for the charity, you could just donate to them”

Do you think people who run marathons would still raise all that money for charity if they weren’t running the marathon? I personally believe they wouldn’t because maybe as humans we feel that we have to achieve something in order to justify giving.

Let’s take me as an example, I donate monthly to UNICEF via direct debit. Not only do I not tell people I donate to UNICEF but I often forget that I am donating to them. However, after I take part in either the Ice Bucket Challenge or the NoMakeUpSelfies I mention that I have donated to Cancer Research and Crohn’s and Colitis and therefore advertise/promote for these charities in the process and thus probably helping them more than I am with UNICEF.

This is me after the Ice Bucket Challenge

If you don’t want to take part, that’s fine. I’m in no way saying that everyone should be forced to take part. But please don’t judge others for doing it. Just accept it as part of charity fundraising moving forward, it has now reached social media and it’s using it to their advantage. Hopefully we should be seeing more of these fundraising events going viral, so you might be happier just going along with it and accepting it.

If you were to start your own online charity fundraising what would it be?


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