Go Bright. Go Bold.

If you’re having a bad day or feeling too tired to do your usual make up routine, opt for a bold lipstick instead. No need to mess with mascara, eyeliner, blusher and brushing out the kinks in your hair. Simply throw you hair up and add a lippy of you choice. VOILA! You look wonderful!

Dior Fuchsia Star (766) Lipstick

Dior Fuchsia Star (766) Lipstick

It’s the perfect way to look stylish and refreshed, even if you feel like a small part of you is dying inside, due to the 3 extra large glasses of wine last night. It’s basically become my new camouflage. Having a bright lipstick, makes you look like you’ve put effort in your presentation this morning, when in fact you stayed in bed until exactly 5 minutes before your bus leaves.

The trick is to find the perfect shade. I’ve gone through a bit of a lipstick phase and I’ve bought an unnecessary wide range of colours to suit my mood, or for the off chance it might actually might my outfit of the day. If you have olive skin, like me, then you will find that pinky purples and corals will work really well on your skin. Bright pinks work for most skin types, so it’s a pretty safe option. With the lack of other makeup, it means that your face won’t be too busy with so much going on it.

My favourite lipstick by far! Maybelline Hot Plum (906)

My favourite lipstick by far! Maybelline Hot Plum (906) – looking terribly Simpson-esque in this pic :P

Red is a dangerous colour, which should be tackled with precaution. And actually, if I’m going to be so bold about this, don’t ever pick your own shade and rely on the lovely and TRAINED staff at the beauty counters. You may be paying a little bit more, but it’s definitely worth it if you know you’ll be getting the right shade for you.

So treat yourself this weekend, for all those winter mornings you decide to stay in bed for an extra half an hour.





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