Purple Mania!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past month, you will have realised that Purple is big this autumn. It is everywhere! You can have it in any pattern, shade, texture, item of clothing and jewellery. Pick and chose how you want to wear it, and you know you’ve nailed this season’s fashion, possibly the easiest fashion trend ever to follow!

Purple Mania Mixed Nails with Gold

Purple Mania Mixed Nails with Gold

I’ve totally jumped on board with this trend, as purple is a beautiful colour and can be worn both casually and professionally. It can be bright yet discreet in one. A perfectly versatile colour. Now obviously being a nail addict, I’ve got this seasons colour right up to my finger tips. I’ve found a lovely collection of purple shades that work well on their own as well as together for a mixed hand.

My favourite is Revlon Scandalous (761). In fact, I love all Revlon’s glittery collection. To really bring this colour to it’s best, I add a base colour of a lighter shade of purple. This is due to the under colour of Revlon Scandalous is black, and if applied by itself it looks more black rather than purple. I think this is an absolutely fantastic colour, its purple and dark enough to work magically this season.

Add a hint of gold or silver to grab more attention and detail. The great thing with purple is that both silver and gold work with it, so pick whichever colour you prefer or which you have the most accessorise matching.

Here are the nail varnishes I used to achieve this look:

Purple Mania Nails

Purple Mania Nails


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