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Job Hunting… Step 1 – “I am Perfect …”

It’s come to that dreaded time, job hunting. So far, I believe that this search for employment can be one of the most stressful parts of life. But I will give a few of my personal views, which may help the rest of you out there that are facing the same situation as I am. I will try and give you all the reasons why I believe this can be a great time for all of us. I will post a series of posts, each one with a tip about job hunting. Please don’t use my words as the holy grail of finding a job. It is only the views of one JobHunter to another.

job, work, job search, employed, unemployed

JobHunt – the dreaded personal qualities and skills section

The first hurdle in this monstrous event is to write down all our best qualities and skills and compile it on two sides of A4 paper. We all know that it is a general human trait to hate complimenting ourselves. It makes us sound up our selves and basically we think we will lose all self respect, if we say that we are “extremely organised and a perfectionist” and basically the best thing since slice bread and any employer would be ridiculous not to employer you. It’s not something that comes naturally to us, rather the opposite. We instead resort to brushing off compliments and actually see it a positive trait to be modest and put the praise on another friend or colleague. We’ve all said at some point, “oh no, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your input/advice/work/help/etc…“.

So of course this first step is an achievement in its self. If you find that you are struggling at this point, ask your friends/family for advice. Simply explain you are currently updating your CV and would like their input. They will know you best of all (maybe even better than you think you know yourself), and they will be able to give you all that praise you need to hear.

An example of a list of qualities and skills

An example of a list of qualities and skills

All you have to do is trust them and take their word for it, knowing that they have your best interest at heart and will remind you of all those great qualities you have. Some of you might find it easier, if you get them to write down bullet points instead of saying it directly to your face, or the “oh don’t be daft, you’re so much better than me at that” automatic reply comes straight back. Not only do those qualities and skills give you added confidence in yourself, but they will also be true and a correct representation of yourself. This will make your CV look more personal and adapted to your career goals, instead of looking like something that could have been downloaded from a search engine.

If you have any tips of your self, please comment and leave your views as we are all in the same situation and we should all from each others experiences.

Please keep an eye on my future posts, as next week I will be discussing and giving advice on how to enhance your CV through it’s wording.

Best of luck with your jobhunt! 

Laurie x


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