Review: The Wolf Gift – Anne Rice

Any one who says they love fantasy romances will have heard of Anne Rice and the famous Vampire Chronicles, more specifically “An Interview with a Vampire”. The national bestselling author has left behind the cold, elegant vampires, for the brutish and savage werewolf legends. As a massive fan of anything to do with fantasy and knowing the status Anne Rice has created for herself in the gothic fiction world, I couldn’t wait to start reading “The Wolf Gift”. 

The book grabs you quickly with a charming young man, Reuben Golding, who falls in love with a beautiful mansion and from the get go he gets seduced by an older woman. From start to finish you are constantly rethinking about what you once thought was acceptable. She introduces conflicts in all aspects of his life, and makes her readers question whether they would have acted the same and what is right and wrong. The double personality of Reuben reminds me of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Seeing a grown man battle with what feels right and what should be right, is something that every one can relate with and understand. She gets her readers to question reality through fantasy and we put ourselves in his position, which makes the story all the more believable.

Anne Rice - The Wolf Gift

The fast paced, action and romance filled novel quickly builds up a strong and deep story delving into the complicated and ancient werewolf lore. Rice integrates her gay rights beliefs in this novel and the issues that are still faced in the US. All her characters have depth to them which she will be able to grow on in the following series of books.

Rice has created strong foundations for a deep fantasy story which has potential for many following novels. The next book in this series is “The Wolves of MidWinter“, that comes out on the 15th October 2013.






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