"OUR DEMOCRACY, VOTE!" by Todd Benson

Obama Vs Romney

"OUR DEMOCRACY, VOTE!" by Todd Benson

“OUR DEMOCRACY, VOTE!”  photo by Todd Benson

Okay so I’m currently watching the Live election results, and I’ve seriously become worried. America can’t have Romney as president. They just can’t. It seems like he wants to turn America back into it’s stereotypical self, of being money hungry, selfish, and plain stupid.

I’ll give a very simplified version of this election for each main candidate.

If Mitt Romney  (Republican) gets in he will:

  1. Reduce taxes for everyone apart from those earning less than $20,000.
  2. Overturn Roe v Wade and therefore make abortions ILLEGAL!
  3. Obamacare ends, this means that there is no form of affordable health care for those in need.
  4. Women have a lesser voice to get equal pay.
  5. Funding for planned parenthood ends (this is our version of a family planning clinic)
  6. Everyone is allowed to make and have a gun.
  7. Social Security if partly privatised.
  8. Gay marriage is ILLEGAL.
  9. EPA not allowed to regulate carbon emissions (a big thing in becoming a greener planet)
  10. Oil companies will receive about $4billion a year in subsidies.
  11. American National debt reduced by cutting social services.
  12. Green energy and global warming is no longer a serious issue to look after.

Whereas if Barack Obama  (Democrat) gets in:

  1. Taxes are reduced except for those earning more than $250,000.
  2. Roe V Wade is not appealed and abortions stay LEGAL.
  3. Obamacare stays.
  4. Women have a bigger voice to sue if they don’t get equal pay.
  5. Funding continues for planned parenthood.
  6. Making and owning a gun is ILLEGAL
  7. Social security is not privatised.
  8. Gay marriage is LEGAL.
  9. EPA are allowed to regulate carbon emissions.
  10. Oil companies stop receiving subsidies.
  11. American National debt is reduced by cutting some social services and increasing tax for those earning more than $250,000.
  12. Government investment in clean green energy and look after global warming.

Now this is a very simplified version, but those are the main points that I have picked up on. I’m not sure about you, but for me this looks like there can only be one option, Mitt Romney can not get through!

His ideas for the future of America are absolutely ludicrous! Green energy is so important! We can’t carry on sucking the earth dry and polluting and destroying it. It seems to me like Mitt Romney thinks he can dominate the earth and that there are no consequences. But Obama understands that our generation have to look after our planet, we must make sure that we get green energy, because it is possible! We just have to put our time, work and money into it to make it happen. Especially since America is such a huge part of the whole world’s economy, for them to take such a stance on green energy will really affect the way other countries see it too.

As a woman, I believe that we should be in total control of our bodies. If by chance we become pregnant and find that we are not in the right state of mind to have that child, either because of being mentally unstable, financially incapable or due to extreme circumstances (rape) then I believe it is our right to be able to have an abortion. Women can’t become slaves of their body.

Not only does Romney want to make abortions illegal, but he also wants to stop funding for planned parenthood. If anything it would make more sense to carry on the planned parenthood, so that people have more knowledge about sex and know how to keep protected. But no. Of course he just thinks people will just stop having sex, or everyone will just get pregnant and that’s it. He doesn’t take in consideration that women will still try and take control of their bodies and they will get illegal abortions which will cause them more harm.

Then there’s their economy which has plummeted since the recession. They do need to find a way to get back on their feet, as once again this will affect the rest of the world. Once America is back up and running the rest of the world will find it easier to do business and it will probably help the Euro-zone to stabilise itself.

I’ve heard of people criticizing Obama’s idea of taxing those earning more than $250,000 as the wrong way to reduced their debt. What some people believe is that there is a trickle down effect and that taxing the rich will stop this trickling down of money. But I don’t believe that the trickle down effect actually works. Those with money at the top don’t just give their money through the chain, they try to make everything as cheap as possible, that includes labour force. The money isn’t trickling down, therefore the only way the money can get to those who need it at the bottom of the chain is by taxing the rich! It’s the only way it’s going to get to them.

But anyway, that’s my views on this. If Obama doesn’t get in, I would expect America to become the monster stereotype we all imagine it to be, instead of being the forward thinking country we need America to be.

A website I found very useful for more information is  http://chooseyouramerica.org/issues-guide. Have a look.

Vote Obama - photo by Denise Krebs

Vote Obama – photo by Denise Krebs

What are your thoughts about this election? If you’re not from America, like me, do you think whoever will become President will affect you and your country?





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