LUSH - Snow Fairy Limited Edition Shower Gel

Lush – Snow Fairy!

Halloween has come and gone and this only means one thing …

LUSH - Snow Fairy, Christmas limited edition shower gel

LUSH – Snow Fairy, Christmas limited edition shower gel

Christmas is nearly here!

It is now fully acceptable to get out the old Christmas jumpers from 3 years ago, get your fluffiest slippers and popping open a bottle of wine whilst mulling over what your Christmas List will be this year.

I’m pretty sure your list will consist of all the basics such as PJs, DVDs, chocolates, body and skin sets, dressing gawn, maybe a new perfume from the boyfriend…sound about right? Well this year you have something else to add to this list. Snow Fairy.

Snow Fairy, is a limited edition shower gel exclusive to Lush. Now you may say, “why would I get someone to get me shower gel?!” Well firstly because even though I suppose it is a shower gel it actually feels like luxury and a little piece of heaven in a bottle. And secondly because it is a little pricey for some of us (a bottle of 500g is £10.25) so if you don’t fancy dishing out, get someone else to get you it.

It also comes in smaller sizes (100g- £3.50, 250g – £6.25) so it can be a great stocking filler idea.

It has a gorgeous strong sweet smell of candy floss and pear drops, which will turn your ordinary shower experience to feel like your entering a Willy Wonkas sweet shop. Not only does it smell absolutely divine, it also has a lovely sparkle to it which makes it that much more festive and in line with the Christmas spirit.

LUSH - Snow Fairy - Against Animal Testing <3

LUSH – Snow Fairy – Against Animal Testing <3

And ontop of all that! Lush is 100% against animal testing and their bottles and pots are made out of 100% recycled materials. So the product is amazing, and it helps a good cause, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my money that’s for sure.

So whether for yourself, a family member or a friend, this is a must have Christmas gift to any girly girl out there.

For more infomation about this product visit the Lush website:





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