Model's Own - Freak Out!

Models Own – Freak Out!

Model’s Own have a gorgeous glitter collection called MirrorBall, that is great for  an all year use. They add a pop of glitz and colour to whatever base coat you’ve got.

As I’m trying to keep to dark tones at the moment, I’ve gone for Freak Out, which looks great on a navy blue, but would also work well with a contrasting colour if you want to make them stand out more. 

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In this nail varnish there is:

  • Roughly cut light blue glitter pieces
  • Dark blue glitter circles
  • Hot-pink glitter dots
  • With a thick coat of see-through polish
Models Own - MirrorBall Set

Models Own – MirrorBall Set

I think this nail polish is absolutely gorgeous! There are so many different little pieces of glitter that constantly catches your eye, I find it fantastic! But if blue isn’t really your colour, worry not. MirrorBall ranges also come in Pink, Purple, Green and Gold.

Which ever colour you decide to go for, just remember to add a clear top coat. Since there are so many glitter pieces it tends to leave your nails feeling quite rough and bitty, so a thick top coat helps to smooth it all over.





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