Rumours for Ana Steele Role

Who will be Anastasia Steele...?

Who will be Anastasia Steele…?

It’s been a few months since we had got the news of the 50 Shades of Grey movie, you would by now we would have an idea as to who will be the lucky one. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case. It seems like Brunetti and De Luca want to keep us in the dark for as long as possible.

This hasn’t stopped us from imaging who we would want as Mr. Grey or Ana. Everyone around the world have made surveys and questionnaires to see who has topped the ranks for becoming the next power couple. After seeing Justin Bieber apparently being a main contender for Christian Grey, I have stopped believing that these survey statistics actually mean anything.

Could Mila Kunis be Ana Steele?

Could Mila Kunis be Ana Steele?

The closest we’ve got so far to finding a set person to play the role is Mila Kunis. This is just rumours, but rumours which have managed to get themselves on IMDB’s page, so I guess that’s the closest we’re going to get for now.

Even though I do love Mila Kunis, and think she would definitely play the sexy part amazingly well, I think she could be a little too sexy for this role. She seems too sure of herself and her body, and as we know Ana is a virgin and has insecurities about herself, all things we are nearly 100% sure Mila isn’t.

Or is Nina Dobrev the better option for Anastasia Steele?

Or is Nina Dobrev the better option for Anastasia Steele?

The person I would love to see play the role of Ana is Nina Dobrev. She plays the lead female role in The Vampire Diaries. In this series she acts the roles of both sexy/mean Katherine, alongside the sweet and sometimes naive Elena. Its a match made in heaven.

I know there has been a lot of people saying that her and Ian (who’s also in TVD) should play the role together, and as much as I love Ian Somerhalder I wouldn’t want to see him as Mr.Grey (pretty sure if any of my friends read this they would all gasp in horror). I just don’t see him exactly right for the role of the dominant multi-millionaire business man.

Nina Dobrev with Mask, could this be the next Ms.Steele?

Nina Dobrev with Mask, could this be the next Ms.Steele?

But anyway, apart from Ms. Kunis as a rumoured actress for the role, we have no other definite actor/actress set. And I wouldn’t expect to find out anything until beginning 2013. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled around that time.

But don’t worry, if anything comes up before then , I’ll let you know :)





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