Black and Gold Skull Nails

Black and Gold Skull Nails

Since winter is on it’s away, and our wardrobe are darkening just as the skies are, our nails must adapt.

So no more, fruity, colourful, pastel nails to match our pretty summer dress. Now it’s time for the blacks, burgundys, maroons and khaki greens to come out to play. Think of something along the lines of army meets grunge rock and you’ll be along the right track.

Black and Gold Skull Nails

Black and Gold Skull Nails

I decided to go for your basic black with a couple of accent nails. It’s great to have nails that stand out, so having accents nails are great ways of bringing some life and attention to your hands.

I found these great little nail stickers from Superdrug, they came in a pack with gold stars and silver gems (it cost about £3 for the pack) but I decided just to use the gold skulls to give it that “rocky” look.

You can find nail stickers all over the place though, so if skulls aren’t your thing you can always find something more suited to you. The great thing about nail stickers is that there’s no fussing around with drawing on the design, making a mess of it and then having to start over. You always get the perfect image without and fuss or mess. Perfect.

When applying your stickers for this look, I would advise to think about what sizes you going to put and where. Ideally you want your nail to be filled with as much of the different sticker design as you can get, leaving minimum blank space. So just take your time to think about which piece should be put where.

Once they’ve all been placed make sure you add a thick top coat to seal it. This is just so that when you wash the dishes or your hands the water doesn’t affect the sticker. So basically just making your nails waterproof.

I absolutely love these gold skull stickers for it’s practically and think that this look works great for the sombre months ahead.





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