Barry M Croc Nail Effect -New Textured Nail Trend

Croc Nail Effect by Barry M Review

There’s a growing trend within the nail art sector at the moment, and that’s textured nails.

Barry M Croc Nail Effect -New Textured Nail Trend

Barry M Croc Nail Effect -New Textured Nail Trend

It’s started up a while back with caviar nails (small beads covering the entire nail) and then nail gems became a common street style thing to get. I did try both of these styles and disliked both. Too many additions to the nail just become annoying and gets ruined so  easily. The caviar design for example takes about an hour until it starts falling apart, big let down.

We then got metallic nail foils and velvet look-a-like nails. Both much more practical but still a bit tricky to do if you’re not a nail pro.

But anyway, nails with a textured effect is definitely the must do thing at the moment and I have found a very easy way to do this.

Barry M have produced a line of nail varnish which looks amazing and gives a great textured effect. It works in much the same was as shatter nail varnish does; so very easy to use. This line however forms into a crocodile pattern and a web effect pattern.  I decided to go for the Crocodile look as it seemed different to everything else I had seen, and web effect seemed too Halloweeny for my liking to be able to work on a day to day basis.

What was great about the Croc Nail Effect, is that it not only looked like crocodile skin, but it also feels just like it!  You can then change the base coat colour to get more subtle or brighter looks depending on what style you’re going for.

This is a definite win in both looks and texture department! So if you want to get on to the nail texture trend and you’re not the biggest nail pro then you best get your hands on this. Just remember to add a top coat, to keep it all in place :)





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