"OUR DEMOCRACY, VOTE!" by Todd Benson

Obama Vs Romney

Okay so I'm currently watching the Live election results, and I've seriously become worried. America can't have Romney as president. They just can't. It seems like he wants to turn America back into it's stereotypical self, of being money hungry, selfish, and plain stupid. I'll give a very simplified version of this election for each … Continue reading Obama Vs Romney

LUSH - Snow Fairy Limited Edition Shower Gel

Lush – Snow Fairy!

Halloween has come and gone and this only means one thing ... Christmas is nearly here! It is now fully acceptable to get out the old Christmas jumpers from 3 years ago, get your fluffiest slippers and popping open a bottle of wine whilst mulling over what your Christmas List will be this year. I'm … Continue reading Lush – Snow Fairy!