Nails of the Week – Colour and Stripes

The weather-man has kindly informed us that the horrible weather that we have come to know as the “great british summer” is going to finally pass this week. This means that we can finally get our summer wardrobe out, wear sandals without the fear of stepping into any puddles and finally leave our umbrellas at home!

Colourful, stripey, tribal nails

Colourful, stripey, tribal nails

In gratitude for this wonderful news, I decided I wanted to cheer up my nails, to match the beautiful weather that is to come. I wanted something fun and colourful, basically something that would look great holding a pair of shades in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other.

For this look I used: peppermint blue, aqua blue, glittery green, orange, yellow, baby pink, white  and gold. Once I picked all the colours I wanted, I started by painting each nail a different base colour.

Once they are all dry, start applying different coloured stripes. If you find using nail varnish brush is too thick and a little too tricky to control, you can always swap it for a toothpick. The great thing about using a toothpick is that you can get a thinner more precise line and they’re cheap to buy. No dishing out for expensive nail art brushes!

Once that first line is dry then find another colour and apply another line elsewhere on the nail. Carry this pattern of applying line after line until you get a nice stripey look of your choice. Once that’s done you can start applying the dots.

Sometimes it’s a good a idea to leave a gap between stripes where you can make a line out of dots. I used white, glittery green and gold for my dots. I think it’s a good idea to use a colour that would stand out for your dots. That’s why white is such a great colour for this look. Think about how colours will work together when doing this. If you put two colours that look similar together you might not be able to tell the difference. Thats why I used orange and yellows against blue and greens.

Finally ,end with a thick clear top coat to keep everything in place.

This does take time to do, as you have to wait until each line is dry before starting the new one, but I think it gives a lovely colourful finish look. This look also works for winter, all you need to do is swap the white for a black.





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