Revlon French Mix

So the other day I was browsing the shelves for a new nail varnish. You see, I have nearly every colour nail varnish there is but I always feel the need to buy more. I’m sure you feel the same way about something in your life, could be shoes, bags, make-up, dvds, etc… Well for me it’s without a doubt nail varnish.I think it’s called being obsessed or addicted, but I’d rather just say I like my nail varnishes.

Revlon Nail Art French Mix

Revlon Nail Art French Mix

So here I am going through Boots looking for my next purchase when I find a new Revlon range. It’s called Nail Art French Mix, and they come in variety of different colours. The idea is that you have two nail varnishes on opposing ends of a stick. I’m assuming they have paired these colours together because they work well together.

Over the Moon by Revlon

Over the Moon by Revlon

It took only a second after looking at the gorgeous beetle-like bluey/green of this nail varnish duo that I knew I had to have it. Its called Over the Moon. At one end there’s a baby pink with a white shimmer and qt the other end, there’s a gorgeous deep blue/green beetle like colour.

It’s hard to tell what exactly you’re meant to do with these two colours. Are you meant to paint one hand one colour and the other hand the other? Or, are you meant to switch colour at every nail? OR like the name of the product suggest, “french mix”, are you supposed to do a french manicure look with these colours? Pink base with beetle blue/green tips?

I suppose it’s up to the user to make up their own mind as to what look they want to go for. I decided to go for the French manicure tip look.

Pink and Beetle-like green/blue French manicure (left hand)

Pink and Beetle-like green/blue French manicure (left hand)

My verdict? Well I’m not a huge fan of the pink, a little too girly and plain for me. But works well as a contrast with the beetle blue/green which applies easily and looks great instantly. You can use just one coat, but I decided to add an extra one just in case. The pink however was more problematic. You need a good 3/4 coats to get a good opaque look.

Pink and Beetle-like green/blue French manicure (right hand)

Pink and Beetle-like green/blue French manicure (right hand)

For the French tip look, the slightly smaller brush comes in handy when applying the colour on the tips. I found the the greeny/blue went on perfectly onto the pink. However the pink being such a clear colour, needed once again loads of coats, which means that your nail ends up with a thick, sometimes bumpy, ends. In the end I gave up trying to applying the pink tips and just left the beetle blue/green alone. So I wasn’t happy at all with the pink, but I did really LOVE the beetle like colour.

So would I recommend this? Probably not… unless you too really love the beetle blue/green nail varnish.

Have you tried any of the other colour duos? What did you think about them?





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