The Best of Me Review

The Best of Me - Nicholas Sparks

The Best of Me – Nicholas Sparks

Get your tissues out, turn your phone off, curl up in bed and now you know you’re ready for a Nicholas Sparks book. We all know what his books are like, we have either cried ourselves to sleep after reading them, or wept without shame when seeing them on the big screen. The Best of Me carries on in the great line of his romance novels.

This book has got me crying well after I had closed the last page.

Dawson and Amanda and teenage sweethearts who are forced apart. The problem with living in a small town, is that you get defined by what your family name is. Dawson Cole, comes from a rough background and in a town like Oriental, Amanda Collier can’t be seen mixing with a Cole.

After having lived a life apart, a death of an old friend, Tuck Huteler, bring these two back together again. Amanda and Dawson have grown up to live opposite lives. Where Amanda has surrounded herself by people such as her husband Frank and 3 children, Dawson has kept to be a lone wolf. Staying out on an oil rig, Dawson lives a simple but content life.

Being brought back together after 20 years, they relive feelings they both haven’t felt since then. In two very different positions in life with responsibilities they can’t ignore, this love story isn’t a simple one of reuniting with your first love.

With feelings she can’t hide anymore, Amanda has to decide whether she follows leaves her alcoholic husband to start her life again with Dawson. But can she cause her children the pain of seeing her parents split up?

The end takes a dramatic turn of events. With Dawson still trying to make amends for the mistake he made that one rainy night so many years ago, and Amanda’s son paying the consequence of his fathers problem, their fate is chosen for them.

I found that this dramatic love story was incredible! You can clearly see the love that the teenage sweethearts have for eachother and it’s so much more touching when they meet back all those years later.

Tuck was a great character and really helped develop the story. He was a father figure for Dawson when he ran away from home and was facing serious issues with his real family and then turned into Amanda’s confident years later when she was having problems with her husband.

Another great addition to the characters was Amanda’s mum, Evelyn. She seems like a cold, hard women, who would care more about her clothes and her etiquette then she would her dying child. But she proves herself to be there for her family when she needs to be. Specifically with Amanda, even though they have the usual mother and daughter  argument, she comes out with some key quotes that I believe have not only changed Amanda’s life but also my own.

The key quote that I will always remember from this book is:

The grass is not always greener on the other side. The grass is greener where it is watered

Everything needs to be worked at to be successful. Be it, work, relationships, finances. You have to give it time and effort for it to flourish.

I always regret reading his books an hour after I finish reading them. This tends to be because I’m still in tears and regretting ruining my make-up. But after reapplying my make-up and no longer crying, I definitely recommend this book. Just be ready to cry, especially at the end.





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