Is this Christian Grey

First photo of Christian Grey revealed…

Okay, well not really…

First photo of Christian Grey Revealed!

First photo of Christian Grey Revealed!

An academic at the University of Lancaster has generated a picture of what Mr. Grey would look like. Dr Faye Skelton, used a software which identifies features and creates a visually impressive face based on the information given to it. This is a system that the police use to identify suspects.

This wasn’t what I pictured in my head. I think he looks like Logan Marshall-Green from Prometheus. He looks maybe a little too ordinary. That face sort of reminds me of someone who I might have known, but can’t really pin down who exactly. Like an old neighbour, teacher, barrista, etc … I imagined Christian to stand out from the crowd. Someone, that if you saw, you couldn’t ever forget.

Could Matt Bomer be Mr Grey?

Could Matt Bomer be Mr Grey?

Since my last post I’ve carried on looking for other Mr Grey contenders, and I have found a new one!

Matt Bomer. Heard of him? You might have seen him in White Collar. He’s a gorgeous looking man. Stunning face, eyes, jaw, you just want to take a bite out of him! I think he too would make a great Christian Grey. He wears a suit well and has the face, that can go from professional to sexy in an instant.

What do you think? I would still prefer Ian Somerhalder or Joseph Morgan to get the role, but I think that Matt could pull it off.

Matt Bomer as Mr Grey

Matt Bomer as Mr Grey

I wish they would just pick the cast already and take us out of our misery! They’ve already decided on the producers. The duo who created the Social Network, Dana Brunetti and Mike De Luca, have had high praise by Universal Pictures and Focus Features co-chairmen. With so many millions of 50 Shades fans, they have a high standard to live up to. But first things first, get an amazing director and find us Christian Grey!





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