Who will be Anastasia (Ana) Steele?

Who will be naughty but nice Ana Steele?

Who will be naughty but nice Ana Steele?

Okay, so I know everyone has been going mad with the who will be playing the role of Christian Grey in the now famous 50 shades trilogy, but we must not forget that Ana plays just as much of an important role. This is however, a much harder role to pick for.

We don’t want her to end up being just another Bella, where everyone loves the men but can’t stand the female lead role. We want her to be just like she’s meant to be in the book! E L James has already wrote off Kristen Stewart, so that’s good news. I don’t like not liking her, but I just can’t help it. Everyone admits she ruins most films and I’m sure she tries really hard, but there’s others that try harder and accomplish other types of emotions apart from pain and the out-of-breath look she always has.

So we are looking for a 22 year old innocent girl, who turns into kinky loving woman. She has to be slightly naive, a bit careless but with some attitude to her. There’s such a huge choice to choose from, that I think that they might choose someone still not that famous.

Lucy Hale as Ana Steele? I can't see it personally

Lucy Hale as Ana Steele? I can’t see it personally

There are rumours that Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars, is in line to get the role of Ana. I personally don’t see it. Lucy seems to young, even though technically she’s the right age, she seems much younger and much stupider. That might just be the image that I’m left with from Pretty Little Liars though. She said that she’s ready to take on a more risky role, but she go from being adored by teens to this darker and sexier side?

Emma Roberts as Ana Steele?

Emma Roberts as Ana Steele?

Another rumour is of Emma Roberts. Now personally I haven’t watched any of her movies, they all seem a little kiddie for me… like Aquamarine, Nancy Drew, Wild Child. Doesn’t seem like she’s played any serious films, can she just get thrown straight into this S&M  film and pull it off? I suppose she has had the great Julia Roberts to learn from, so her acting skills might be much better than I’m guessing at. Physically, I can’t quite picture her as Ana.

Can Emilia Clarke be the lip-biting and eye-rolling Anatasia?

Can Emilia Clarke be the lip-biting and eye-rolling Anatasia?

Games of Thrones star, Emilia Clarke is apparently also in the running for this lead role. Apart from Game of Thrones, she hasn’t done much else, which sort of makes her not that famous. Which I personally think would place her in great spot in this film. I also think she looks much more the part. Innocent, yet you can still see she can pull of a sexier side to her.

Finally, there’s Amanda Seyfried. She’s been around quite a lot in the past years, with her role in Mama Mia, Chloe, Letters to Juliet and the up coming Les Miserables. She’s definitely landing some big roles with a wide variety of characters which she acts perfectly. I love Amanda, I think she’s cute, yet can have an edge to her. She can play the sweet role but also the sexier role like she did in Chloe.

Can chameleon Amanda Seyfried pull off the innocent turning sexy woman? YES!

Can chameleon Amanda Seyfried pull off the innocent turning sexy woman? YES!

So out of these four, I would say that I would by far want Amanda to get the role. But I also think that Emilia could also be an interesting actress for the role of Ana.

Who do you think should be Ana? It’s hard to choose isn’t it? Maybe they should just cast me, I wouldn’t mind frolicking around with Gosling, Somerhalder, Skarsgard, or any other hollywood hottie they have to throw at me!





2 thoughts on “Who will be Anastasia (Ana) Steele?

  1. Kzer101 says:

    I’d love to see one of the following. I could totally get them pulling it off… Jessica Szohr, Ashlee Simpson, Ashley Tisdale, Anna Kendrick

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