Mummy Pam and Tara

5- Let’s Boot and Rally

Don’t you just love Sookie. After taking a more secondary role in the beginning of this season, Sookie is back to the funny and charming Louisiana girl we all love. Finding herself in the middle of three supes totally smitten with her and oldest vampire, who wants her blood, on the loose again, she finds a way to make us laugh and still be strong, especially with her “microwave fingers” as she calls it. She really is awesome. Every guy wants her and every girl wants to be her.

Eric: "Alcide, you sure know how to treat a lady"

Eric: “Alcide, you sure know how to treat a lady”

They are however on a serious mission to find Russell, before Eric and Bills stake timers run out and kills them both. Whilst the team, which includes Eric, Bill, Sookie and Alcide go hunting for Russell, Sookie sees a flash of the person who liberated him. All we know is that it’s a women and she has a pendant that looks like a bat. This is the same pendant that Nora and Salome wear. It seems like we are made to believe it’s Nora, but I think its Salome. Roman seems to be acting suspiciously around her too… But then this all seems so obvious and True Blood always gives every story a twist.

Is this Nora, Salome, or some-one else?

Is this Nora, Salome, or some-one else?

Meanwhile Jason experiences a strange dream, where he relives his childhood. He sees his parents bleeding from vampire bites to their necks. This is a reminder of what Hadley told him about his parents being killed by vampires. He’s going through a rough time where he’s questioning everything that vampires and all supes have done. Jason seems to be acting anti-supe in this episode, especially when he discovers that Sam’s shifter friends where shot with wooden bullets. He starts thinking that all super-natural beings do is play around with humans.

Luna and Sam get shot, will they live till the next episode?

Luna and Sam get shot, will they live till the next episode?

There seems to be a new group who are targeting shifters. After last weeks episode which showed Sam’s friends being shot, this week we see them also shoot Sam and Luna. Luckily Emma shifts into wolf form and manages to run away. Luna seems to have had a fatal shot, but Sam should live. They can’t kill him off surely. I hope not. But more importantly, who are they and why are they doing this? Are they linked with the Sanguanistas, are they trying to cause a war between supes and humans?

Jesus head appears to Lafayette and his aunt

Jesus head appears to Lafayette and his aunt

Lafayette is still struggling with his black magic and calls for Jesus to help him. Later on Jesus appears to him as a head with his mouth sewn shut. His head also appears in Lafayette’s aunt’s bedroom. She appears to understand what he’s saying, but this might just be because she’s a mad lady, or maybe there is some spiritual connection in the family. I wonder what’s happened to Jesus, what’s caused him to have a severed head and sewn lips? I’m assuming it’s something very nasty.

Patrick and Terry confront Geller, their old army partner. Geller believes that the women who they killed whilst on tour has cursed them with an evil called Ifrit. Ifrit is an evil firey being, which causes death to the person aimed at and their loved ones. This evil ends up killing Geller, when Patrick and Terry manage to escape and tie him up and leave him in the cellar. Is this Ifrit got anything to do with Lafayettes black magic or Jesus’s head? There seems to be a lot of magic happening in Bon Temps.

Mummy Pam and Tara

Mummy Pam and Tara

Pam is still trying to be a good maker for Tara and is teaching her the ways of vampire life and etiquette. Even though she is quite brusque with her, I think she’s great. Jessica is also there to help her. I found their girly/vampire chat so sweet. Best friends in the making? Well… not too sure after the fight they had over Hoyt. Unfortunately for Tara she gets caught biting Hoyt in the toilets, whilst Jessica was just next door. The question now is, does Jessica still have feelings for Hoyt? Just when I was hoping Jessica and Jason would get together, Jason starts turning anti-vamp and Jessica still has feelings for her ex! So annoying!

The teaser at the end, leaves us with a right cliff hanger! Alcide being dragged away by something we don’t know, Russell approaching an unproteced Sookie, Tara and Jessica fightin, Hoyt getting shot by those who shot Sam, Nora claiming something has started…

Eric, Bill, Alcide and Sookie find Russell Edgington

Eric, Bill, Alcide and Sookie find Russell Edgington

What’s started? Why all the fighting? There’s humans fed up with all the super naturals, vampires fighting against eachother, werewolves fighting for vampires, fairies claiming vampires want to drink them dry, black magic, evil firey beings … where is this all leading to? It seems to me that there’s going to be a full out war. But with who, against who, why? So many questions left unanswered. Can’t wait for the next episode!

What do you think is going to happen in Sunday’s episode?





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