The Amazing Spider-Man Review

A remake of Spider-Man… but didn’t that come out about 10 years ago? Why would they do that so soon? Are those the questions you’re asking yourself? Well, so was I.

I thought to myself, why make a remake, when the original is still quite fresh in people’s mind and Spider-Man 3 came out only 5 years ago? But since I do love all my comic movies, I couldn’t just let this go unseen.

Peter Parker stuck on the ceiling of the tube

Peter Parker stuck on the ceiling of the tube

I wasn’t prepared for it to be anything like the title suggested. I thought calling themselves amazing was just bound to let people down. Well, how wrong was I!?

The story is a remake of the first Spider-Man by Sam Raimi, but with differences in the plot, actors, costumes, directors, writers and of course, graphics. Andrew Garfield does a brillant job with Peter Parker. Instead of thinking of Tobey Maguire in the previous 3 Spider-Mans, Andrew totally takes control and acts the role of the slightly lost, high school kid, trying to be a super hero vibe perfectly. There is no confusing the two, Andrew makes Peter into his own version, which I personally think is more believable and more lovable than the previous. Especially with Emma Stone starring alongside him as Gwen Stacy his love interest. They make their relationship so much more realistic, you can really tell there is chemistry between them and it definitely sets them apart from how Kirsten Dunst and Tobey where together.

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy <3

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy <3

The film starts off with a flash back into Peter’s childhood, where he sees his parents leave him to live with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. We also get to see glimpses of the project Peter’s father was working on, which had to do with spiders. So putting it together, we can form an explanation that his father’s research will probably cause him to turn into the half man-half spider he later becomes or that his father was stopping someone from cross-species mutation. We later find out that his father was actually working on a project that would see species inter-cross. For example, how a lizard can regenerate their tail, if that gene was passed onto humans then people with missing limbs could regenerate themselves.

But back into the present. Peter is in high school and he’s the same uncool kid who has a crunch on the prettiest girl in school. A bit chessy, but it’s what we expect, and to be honest without that it just wouldn’t be Spider-Man. One day Peter comes across his dad’s old brief case and finds a hidden compartment in it which contains the research he kept secret. This sets off, Peter in the search of what his father was working on, and who was his old research partner, who disappeared when his parents did.

As the story goes, which I’m sure you’ve already guessed, Peter goes to the research centre to talk to his father’s old partner (Rhys Ifan), to then get bit by a spider which sets off his spidey senses. And of course, when his spidey senses are on, an enemy ensues. In this version, the antagonist is a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde type character. It gives the storyline a very interesting twist and of course more great graphics that works along side the reptilian-like monster.

Rhys Ifan - Was this character based on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

Rhys Ifan – Was this character based on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

I absolutely loved this adaptation. Throughout the movie I was telling myself I never want this movie to end. I just want to live in it forever! The cast is brilliant. The script was excellent, the graphics were amazing. Literally everything was perfect! And I wasn’t the only one to think so. I had gone to the cinema with 28 other people, and we all thought exactly the same thing. Even the day after we were still going on about how amazing it was. The title was bang on perfect. It really was The Amazing Spider-Man.

It got me crying, cringing, laughing, ducking (3-D effects in action) and in some parts even clapping! The movie really grabs it’s audience and makes you live every second of it. What he goes through, you go through.

Spider-Man crane jumping through the city

Spider-Man crane jumping through the city

This film is everything you can expect of a great Marvel film and more. Without a shadow of a doubt this is the best film I have seen in a very long time (and I have seen A LOT of films!)

I 100% recommend this film to everyone. Teens, families, adults, grandparents, anyone and everyone. It’s a classic story which I’m sure everyone will find something to love about.

It definitely gets a 5/5 stars from me!





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