Dots and Stripes Nails

Dots and Stripes Nails <3

So, I was getting bored of the simple dotted nail pattern but I still really liked that look. Confusing eh? So what I decided to do is carry on with the dotted design, but spice it up a bit by using contrasting colours and by adding in some stripes.

Dots and Stripes Nails

Dots and Stripes Nails – My left hand

I started off by applying a base coat and then a deep purple colour.

Once that was fully dry I started with the white dotted pattern. It doesn’t matter too much whether they are in straight lines just try to get the dots roughly the same size. This does take a little time to do, so just bare with it.

Try and find different patterns to do. For example, only apply dots to half the nail or make the dotted pattern go diagonally, you can even leave a big gap between the nail pattern, for example, middle finger (left hand) and ring finger (right hand).

Once the dots are all fully dry, you can start applying the stripes. Use a bright contrasting colour, in my case I used a peppermint bluey/green colour and a bright orange. You can add stripes to all your nails or only a few. I decided to go with four out of five. Mix it up between thin stripes, double stripes and thick stripes.

Remember the crazier the better. Once all the stripes are dry, dip a tooth pick into the colours that you used for the stripes and apply it over a few random white dots. I think this gives a sort of 100s and 1000s effect. If you applied an orange stripe then use peppermint dots, and if you used peppermint stripe then apply orange dots.

Finally add a top coat to keep everything in place and looking nice and shiny.

Dots and Stripes Nails - My right hand

Dots and Stripes Nails – My right hand

So, as you can see, this is quite easy to do and you can really mix it up with all different colours to get different effects.

If you want more nail ideas, visit my Creative Nail board on Pinterest:






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