Girly Nails with butterfly nail slice

Nails of the Week

This week I wanted a very girly/Barbie girl look. I haven’t used my glitter nail varnish in a while nor have I used my new nail slices yet, so I thought I should add it all together, to make this super girly look.

Girly nails with butterfly slices

Girly nails with butterfly slices

For this I used:

  • Models Own 3-1 for my base and top coat
  • Misguided Splash – Misstify – for the bright pink coat (I used this as it came free with my Cosmo magazine this month)
  • Models Own – Pink Fizz – for the glittery pink polish
  • Butterly nail slice wheel (bought from ebay, only 99p!)

This was pretty easy to do, start with applying a base coat to protect your nail.

Then apply the pink coat. You might need to do several coats. Once that’s done and dry you can start to apply the glittery part.

I went for a semi-circle next to the cuticle. It’s a bit tricky to do, but just take your time and make sure you get a perfect circular edge (or as close as you can get).

Once you have done all the glittery semi-circles, you can place the nail slices on to the still wet nail varnish. It takes some to dry, so for about 5 minutes keep on pressing down on the nail slice to ensure its fully stuck onto the nail.

Nail slices - Butterfly, flowers and fruit pieces

Nail slices – Butterfly, flowers and fruit pieces

I decided to use the butterflies as I thought it looked very girly, I tried to find colours which patch the pink theme I was going for.

These nail slices are great and super cheap! As I said only 99p including postage, so definitely worth a try. There’s plenty of choices to choose from, I also got flowers and fruit pieces. They are adorable and adds that extra little detail which is so cute! For more ideas, visit my Creative Nail board on Pinterest: Tell me what you think :) 





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