Private Lives - Tasmina Perry

Private Lives Review

Private Lives follows the life of media lawyer, Anna Kennedy. Her job is to cover up the sins of the rich and famous from the gossip hungry media.

Private Lives - Tasmina Perry

Private Lives – Tasmina Perry

The book starts straight away with a murder of a women, nothing extra is said about this chapter, so we assume that the book will reveal who killed this girl and why. The story follows onto Anna’s life and her move to a new law firm this is where we see the book unfold.¬†Unfortunately for Anna, the first job she lands, she looses much to the disappointment of her boss Helen Pierce.

Anna and Helen are similar in a way, they are both determined and strong women who want to get to the top of their chain. I love reading books from the perspective of a strong-willed and minded women. Women are too often portrayed as the soft and innocent damsel in-distress type of person, I like this more realistic view point.

Anyway, back to the story.

The case that Anna lost, was an injunction on celebrity Sam Charles who had an affair.

The story is long winded affair with many sub plots, but the main story is that someone caused Sam Charles injunction to fail on the same day that the girl that we saw get murdered, in the first chapter, inquest was taking place. So Anna thinks that these two stories are linked, because with Sam Charles affair hinting all the headlines, then no one would pay much attention to a suspicious death and no more questions would be made into it.

Anna goes to find the truth behind both of these stories and it turns out she was right they were all linked together. Someone inside her own company was the one that caused the Sam Charles story to leak and who covered up for the murder of the young girl.

As a journalism student, I found this book really interesting, as it was from the opposite point of view with the journalist as the nasty news hungry pitbull ready to step on anyone for a story. It’s also made me want to be a media lawyer! Solving crimes and consorting celebrities, seems so lavish!

I found this book really addictive, you straight away feel attached to Anna and want her to get to the end of this story. I just couldn’t put it down! What I found great about this book, is that you see people make mistakes and get over them. It’s like Tasmina Perry wrote from a normal’s persons life, so we can really relate to each person. Understand their mistakes and really appreciate the effort they make to live past the mistakes and carry on living.

For all of you going on holiday, it would make the perfect beach read, so put that in your holiday shopping list.





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