Nails of the week

Red with black and white striped nails

Red with black and white striped nails

I love red nails with contrasting black and white. For this look, I painted all but one nail in a Revlon Red. I love this colour, and I find that this nail varnish in particular holds really well and has a nice finished shiny to it.

I then painted one nail white, let it dry then applied the black lines to it. This can be done the opposite way round of course.

I then randomly selected two nails to add the black and white pattern to. I decided on going for two shapes (the triangle and the rectangle) and painted it in black. Once dried I applied the white lines so that it gave the same effect as the lone black and white striped nails.

What’s great about this style, is that it can be done with everyone’s favourite colours and it can be changed to make it more subtle or crazier depending on your mood.

If you want more nail ideas, visit my Creative nail board on Pinterest:





4 thoughts on “Nails of the week

  1. brittany says:

    Very cute! I don’t have a steady hand to be able to attempt something as fab as this! The stripes would most likely end up on my wrist rather than my nails LOL!

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