Pam comes to Taras rescue

4- We’ll Meet Again

Yes! Pam came to save Tara. Phewww, I guess we can all breathe a sigh of relief that our much loved Tara won’t be written off just yet. Pam steps up to her role as maker in “We’ll meet again” and takes Tara under her wing. Tara’s starting to get a bitter attitude to life. She speaks about her best friend (sookie) in a rather harsh light, saying that people should stop trying to save her, and jumping in front of bullets for her. This might be due to her recent turning and mix of emotions, or her own regret of saving her and now forced to a life of eternity or she might really have just realised that everyone always does everything to save her. Why should she always be saved?

Pam comes to Taras rescue

Pam comes to Taras rescue

At the same time this is happening, Pam has her own issues to solve with her maker who comes back to Fangtasia. Eric had suspected Pam of being the leak that had Russell Edgington freed and had confronted her, but was satisfied after their heated discussion that she was not a sanguanista. Some people have been saying that maybe Pam is Sanguinista and that she did free Russell, but I don’t think she would betray Eric so deeply. Because if we think back to Season 3, Russell’s situation all revolved around Eric. Russell is the one that murdered Eric’s family, Eric is the one who killed Talbot as revenge and caused Russell to go vampire crazy on camera which then led to him being buried. So would Pam really betray her maker so deeply? I don’t think so. But then I guess it would make an interesting story if she did…

Eric suspects Pam of revealing Russell's location

Eric suspects Pam of revealing Russell’s location

Bill and Eric are still looking for the old King and are running into walls doing so. They have no leads and time is running out. They need to find him and fast. This story line needs to liven up a bit, nothing is more boring than two men searching for someone with nothing to go by and nothing found at all. Its a totally unproductive story. Maybe tomorrows episode will give us more clues as to where the oldest and strongest vampire lies.

Roman kills Chancellor Drew

Roman kills Chancellor Drew

Nora finally cracks under the Authority’s torture and reveals which counsellor is Sanguanista. I had previously said that they would make the kid counsellor as the evillest person. Yup, it was Counsellor Drew, the vampire who looked like a child, had lied to the Authority and sent messages and videos of him killing humans and sympathising with the rebellions views. Roman killed him violently infront of the council. I have a feeling though that there is someone else on the council who worked with Councillor Drew. It seems too easy that they found the traitor already.

"I told you that fucker was sick" ... "and armed"

“I told you that fucker was sick” … “and armed”

We meet up again with Terry and Patrick on their hunt for their old army partner who they believe to be the one to blame for all the fires. They’re in luck when they reach his house and the walls are covered in press clippings of fires, fire paintings on the wall and the man himself is there. With a gun to their heads, how will Terry and Patrick get out of this one?

"If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain"

“If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain”

Alcide breaks the news of Debbie’s death to her parents, but he covers up Sookie’s involvement. During this time we see Sookie break down and give up trying to be strong. After her car crash, which saw her lose control of her car after Lafayette’s Black Magic took over him again and her guilt over Debbie’s death, we see her let go of everything and make time for herself. She finally seems like a normal human and reacts the way we would react. After a few too many Pina Coladas and good sing-a-long by herself Alcide comes to update her with the situation. After a few too many drinks by both parties, the night gets heated and ends up with Sookie and Alcide getting together. I think Sookie is just using him to relieve stress from herself, but I think Alcide does really like her, so I wonder how this story will unravel.

Jessica uses her vampire charm on Andy

Jessica uses her vampire charm on Andy

Throughout their make out session, Eric and Bill are outside Sookie’s house and they see everything that’s going on. Bill specifically doesn’t look to pleased and it seemed like he is going to call Sookie in and demand her to help them find Russell… Is this just a way to keep her away from Russell and maybe win her love back?

Jason finds Hadley in the fairy refuge

Jason finds Hadley in the fairy refuge

Finally, Andy and Jason get taken to an exclusive club, which turns out to be run by fairies. Sophie-Ann ex-lover, Hadley, is back. She demands that Sookie and Jason must come to this haven which she reveals as being the fairy refugee from vampires. And leaves us with news that Jason and Sookie’s parents were actually killed by vampires, probably due to their fairy blood…

What are your thoughts for tomorrows episode? Will we see some of the stories merge together?





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