Andy questions Sookie over Debbie Pelt

3- What I Am, You Made Me

The search for the missing Debbie Pelt becomes official with Andy Bellefleur taking the lead on the investigation after Mr and Mrs Pelt’s arrival. Sookie is stressed and thinks that she’s going to get caught out so decides to confide in Alcide what she did to his ex girlfriend. As we could imagine he’s furious, but the episode ends with no one knowing what he’s going to do with the information that he got. I don’t think he’ll go to the police though, he’s always had a soft spot for Sookie and I don’t think he has it in him to send her to jail.

Andy questions Sookie over Debbie Pelt

Andy questions Sookie over Debbie Pelt

After Tara runs away from her best friend and cousin, we see how life is like in her eyes. I feel so sorry for her, she seems to want to run away from everyone and everything, even herself. It was nice to see that we haven’t totally lost her though. She managed to control through mid-attack and not hurt or kill her prey. At least we know she’s still there, somewhere. If only Pam would come back and help her through the transition.

Tara's view as a vampire

Tara’s view as a vampire

Talking about Pam, we get to see another flashback into her life. It goes back to the point where we see her and Eric together and the point where he turns her. He turns her against his will, with Pam cutting her wrists open and threatening that she would rather die than stay human. I thought that Eric made a touching little speech about not abandoning a new-born vampire as it would be the same as abandoning a new-born baby. I think it’s positive for Tara that Pam remembers this speech, as I think it means that she feels guilty for abandoning her and will hopefully help her. Especially by the end of the episode where we see Tara enter a tanning shop and start to fry herself up. I wonder whether Pam will let her die or will go and save her…

Tara in a sunbed - will Pam come to save her?

Tara in a sunbed – will Pam come to save her?

After Roman and Salome’s inquisition into Bill and Eric’s proposal of capturing Russell Edgington, they are finally allowed to be freed. Even though it still comes with restrictions, they are fitted with a cross to their chest which will pierce their heart if they do anything which the Authority deems to go against the rules.

"Don't fuck around, you guys are too cute to be goo"

“Don’t fuck around, you guys are too cute to be goo”

Salome, who seems to be the second in command in the Authority, puzzles me. I think she’s keeping a big secret, but from who is the real question. She performs her own type of enquiry into whether Bill and Eric are part of the Sanguinista movement and she does that by sleeping with them. Roman accepts her judgment after sleeping with them to be the final say. This makes me believe that she has some sort of power. A bit like how Sookie can read people’s minds, can Salome see what someone really thinks after sleeping with them? Is she a fairy turned vampire?

Salome questions Bill her own way...

Salome questions Bill her own way…

After snapping at Sookie and Arlene and putting bleach in his cooking, Lafayette realises that something is not right. The black magic is back and is taking control of him. With Sookie and Tara going through their own problems it seems like there’s no one there to help him. Lafayette will have to deal with this on his own.

Is the Black Magic back?

Is the Black Magic back?

Arlene is going through enough herself. With husband Terry still having sleepless nights and he too is having some temper tantrums. She believes something terrible must have happened to him on his time on tour which has followed him to Bon Temps. Former sergeant Patrick believes that someone from their tour is causing all the house fires. We see Terry leave Arlene without any explanation as to why. I’m sure they’ll get to the end of it, I wonder whether his bad temper has anything to do Lafayette.

Finally, we see Jason get re-acquainted with an old teacher who we learn abused him as a young boy. We really get to see Jason’s softer side and see that his borderline sex addiction was actually caused by this incident in his past. In his turmoil Jessica makes the first step in becoming more than friends with benefits, by being there for him as a friend. Hopefully we will see them become serious soon, as they both look so cute together!

The secret of Jason's past

The secret of Jason’s past

It feels like so much is happening! So many sub plots, its hard to see which story is the main one and which is a sub-plot now. But I love it! So much going on, so much to look forward to. They’ve definitely got every aspect covered for everyone’s liking. I just hope they haven’t done too much and they can’t pull it all off in the end. Guess we can only wait and see. What story do you prefer?





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