1- Turn! Turn! Turn!

Welcome back to the world of True Blood! It’s been a long and tiring wait for our beloved Louisiana based, vampire series to start again, but it’s finally back!

In case any of us could have possibly forgotten what happened in the previous season, this episode started with a recap. We get to re-live Marnie and her necromancy witches, Eric’s memory loss; which led to us seeing his softer side, the Hoyt-Jessica-Jason love triangle, Lafayette and Jesus’ world of dark magic, Russell Edgington’s disappearance and Fellowship of the sun leader, Steve Newland return as a vampire. And unforgettably, Sookie refusing both Bill AND Eric!

With our memories refreshed and up-to-date, we jump straight into the new season.

"I'm wearing a Walmart sweatshirt for y'all, if that's not demonstration of team spirit I don't know what is"

“I’m wearing a Walmart sweatshirt for y’all, if that’s not demonstration of team spirit I don’t know what is”

I absolutely loved this episode! It seemed more of a mini film instead of an episode. It really captivates the audience. Everyone’s favourite characters are at the forefront. We get to see Eric in a sex scene (nom – even though it’s with his sister, which is a bit weird). This episode we get to see a new character, Nora. She’s Eric sister, Godrick was her maker too, which technically means they are siblings, but not the type of brother and sister we are accustomed to. In this episode she helps Bill and Eric escape from the authority, that’s when we discover that her relationship with her brother isn’t the type of relationship we would expect from siblings. There is clearly some deep history between her and Eric. I was not expecting there to be an addition in the already love triangle of Bill-Sookie-Eric, so will be interesting to see how a Bill-Sookie-Eric-Nora foursome pans out.

Eric: "We fight like siblings, but we fuck like Champions" - Trueblood

Eric: “We fight like siblings, but we fuck like Champions”

Reverend Newland comes back to Bon Temps as a vampire and declares his undying love to Jason. Steve is his same evil self only this time he has fangs. He tricks Jason in trusting him and glamours him but luckily super-vamp Jessica comes to his rescue just in time. This is another sub-love-plot going on, where we can see that there is some sort of tension and confusion in Jessica and Jason’s relationship. In last season we got to see that they had agreed on having a casual relationship, basically no strings attached, but we can see that they both have deeper feelings for each other. I love how they made Jessica stand out at the start of this season. Hopefully she won’t be in the background any more and will take a more dominant position on our TV screens this season.

Another sub-plot is the conflict between Marcus’ rogue werewolf pack and Sam. After Marcus’ death, his pack hunt down Sam for revenge. The pack are shown to be savages, even Alcide turns them down and they gruesomely start eating the corpse of their late pack master. This story line will carry on throughout this season as we saw that Marcus’ mother made a threat against Luna and Emma.

Finally we see Pam turn Tara, and Lafayette say goodbye to Jesus, which his body has mysteriously gone.

Tara rises from the dead

Tara rises from the dead

The script was well written, throughout the episode the characters come up with funny lines. Even the music in this episode was made like you would expect in a film, expecially when Lafayette says goodbye to Jesus, the soundtrack itself it touching (yes, I did cry).

I am so happy True Blood is back! And it’s SO much better than I expected it to be!





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