The Authority - True Blood - Authority Always Wins

2- Authority Always Wins

As the title suggests, in this episode we delve into the secretive life of the authority. We had heard of the authority before, but as a far off secretive community who governs the whole vampire race. We get a deeper understanding of who they are and what they are protecting vampires from.

The Authority - True Blood - Authority Always Wins

The Authority

We learn about something called the “Sanguinista” movement (sorry about my spelling). The story goes that God created Lillith before Adam and Eve, and Lillith was ‘Vampyre’ and that vampires were actually created in God’s image. Vampires who believe in the Sanguinista movement, think that vampires are above man-kind and that humans are just a form of food and should be cattled. This goes against what the Authority fight for, which is mainstreaming with humans. The Authority are their to control the vampires to act a certain way to ensure that mainstreaming with humans goes without any faults and are there to clean up any mess made by vampires in the media eye.

So that is basically a very quick catch up on the whole history of the vampire legend and the current movement.

Roman goes to kill Bill - True Blood

Roman goes to kill Bill

What’s happening now, is that Roman (who is the Guardian/leader of the Authority) believes Eric, Bill and Nora to be conspirators of the Sanguinista movement and have arrested them. As far as we are aware, they are not part of the sanguinista movement. After extensive torture, Bill proposes a deal to Romane. His life for Russell Edgington’s who we saw in the previous episode to have escaped his cement grave. I love that we got to see the bigger picture of the fight, vampires have to be able to live among humans makes the story feel more important, than just a few vampires in Louisiana. The addition of a child in the Authority is a nice touch. Even though I found it rather predictable that they would have made the kid out to be the meanest vampire.

Tara as an angry vampire

Tara as an angry vampire

Tara turns out to be an angry vampire. We already knew Tara hated vampires from the start, so knew her turning would be problematic. But she has now gone crazy. Breaking down Sookie’s house, viciously biting Sookie’s neck and attacking Lafayette, someone definitely needs to control her before she does something stupid. Sookie and Lafayette aren’t capable of controlling her, and Pam isn’t ready to help her after still mourning the loss of her relationship with Eric.

Flashback into Pam's human past - Trueblood

Flashback into Pam’s human past

What I found great about this episode is that we get another flashback into Pam’s life. We get to see how her and Eric relationship first started, with him saving her from a street attacker. We had always seen Pam as a character who’s usually in the background of most stories, with Eric taking the forefront. But with her maker gone, we get to see the real Pam. She’s definitely become my favourite character on the show. She’s taken on a lovable quality to her this season. We’ve seen her being the bitch in previous seasons and it’s nice to see her take off that exterior shell to reveal a much softer nice woman. But with still a bit of bitch in her.

Little Emma turns wolf - Trueblood

Little Emma turns wolf

The sub-plot with Sam, Luna and Emma carries on. This time Emma werewolf grandmother who we have previously seen to be a savage shows a softer more nurturing and family side to her. She wants to be closer to her granddaughter, Emma, who she says is a werewolf. And it turns out she was right. We get to see little Emma as a little black and white wolf in her PJs. SO CUTE!

Finally, Steve Newland is still trying to get to Jason, but this time he tries to buy Jessica’s ownership of him. Jessica is smart, sexy and dominant in this scene and ridicules Steve by making him get a double hard-on (fangs and real).  She shows where her loyalties lie with Jason, and I’m really looking forward to the time when they actually get together. Surely, it’s just a matter of time.

Jessica: "You could chip a fang on it"

Jessica: “You could chip a fang on it”

So far, I love what they have done with Jessica and Pam. They have really come out of the shadows and are both playing funny, strong yet touching roles which I think that most women can either relate to or aspire to.

Next episode sees Sookie getting questioned about the disappearance of Debbie Pelt… I wonder whether the truth will come out.





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