DIY dip dye hair <3

Dip dying hair has become very popular among celebs and it has now become increasingly popular on the high street too.

Blue Dip Dye

Blue Dip Dye

Dip dying hair can range from a natural ombre look (brown hair with dark/light blond tips) to bright coloured tips. So if you are looking for a less shocking change, I would opt for the ombre look. Otherwise why not try out a bright and bold colour. As I thought, if it all goes terribly wrong, the worse that could happen is that I cut it out and get myself a cute little bob.

Now if you have very light blonde hair already, this should be no problem for you, just apply the bright colour to the tips and job done

However for all you brunettes like me, this is a much trickier procedure. If you want to try the ombre style,  follow up to step 8. If you want to colour the tips of your hair a bright colour then follow all the steps.

What you need is:

  • Hair Bleach
  • Coloured hair dye of your choice (I used Crazy Colour – Sky Blue) Pink and Lilac are also very popular.
  • Hair Dye Brush
  • Gloves
  • 2/4 pieces of foil a bit longer than the length you want to dye
  • Hair bands/clips (anything to just separate parts of your hair)

Before applying anything onto your hair, it’s good to get some test strands. All you need to do is cut several very thin strands of your hair to try the bleach on it. This is just to see how long to leave the bleach on for depending on the lighter you want to be. This is especially important if you want the ombre look. If you want coloured tips, you want them as light as possible. Set the strands on a piece of foil each, and apply the bleach to them. Every 10 minutes rub some of the bleach off to see how light its gone. Make sure you keep track of the time so you know how long to leave it once it’s on your hair. Make sure you wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting ruined AND ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE GLOVES ON!

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Once the bleach mix is ready, you have done the test strands and have recorded the time it’s time to start preparing your hair.

Step 1: Decide how much you want the tips of your hair dyed and clip a hair grip at that level on both sides of your head, so you know not to go over that level.

Step 2: Separate your hair into left side and right side and bring all your hair forward so that it’s laying on your chest.

Step 3: If you have a lot of hair then separate your hair on either side imto two parts again.

Step 4: Then get a piece of foil and place behind the hair and use your hand to form a sort of leaning post behind your hair.

Step 5: Now you can apply the bleach with the use of the hair dye brush. And you literally just need to paint it on. Make sure you get the dye all over that area of hair.

Step 6: Fold the foil over and ensure that the whole bleached area is covered. This means you can move freely without the risk of getting bleach everywhere.

Step 7: Repeat steps4-6 on the other parts of your hair, until the whole area you wanted done is complete.

Step 8: Wait the time that you had recorded from the test strands, I had to wait about 55 minutes as my hair is so dark. Wash your hair thoroughly to make sure all the bleach has come out.

Step 9: When hair has been towel dried, apply the coloured dye onto the just bleached area. Repeat the same procedure as you did with the bleach, only with the coloured dye instead. Follow the instructions on the bottle as to waiting times, etc…

Step 10: Rinse, dry and Tadaa!  You have (hopefully) successfully Dip Dyed your own hair!

What’s great about these coloured dyes, is that most of them are semi-permanent. This means every other week you can change the colour. Or leave it then rinse it out and try ombre for a while. When you get bored of that, you can go back to pink or blue, or whatever colour you want. And if you really have enough of it all, you can always get some hair dye that matches your roots and dye the blonde bit back to your original colour.

The bleach will leave your hair very dry, so it’s a good idea to do a hydrating or moisture hair mask. Just so your hair doesn’t look too dry and weak at the end.





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