Snow White and the Huntsman Review

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman

As children we have all heard the story of Snow White and the seven dwarves. The story first originated by the German brother, The Brothers Grimm and then there have been many adaptations, the one which is probably the most famous is, the Disney version. When we think of Snow-White we think of her in her blue, white and yellow dress with a bird perched on the tip of her finger. A wonderful adaptation for a young audience looking up to their fairytale princesses to overcome the wicked Queen and find her one and only love.

This year however, there have been two more adaptations of this children’s story. Relativity Media with “Mirror Mirror” went  for the comedy-fantasy version, whereas Universal Pictures with “Snow White and the Huntsman sided with a serious version, making this children’s fairytale into a real fantasy film. Snow White and the Huntsman starred Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth as the main characters, so with these big names everyone was hopeful that the film would be a big success.

For the first half of the movie, I found it exciting. I loved the way they had transformed the fairytale into this thrilling film. I thought that the climb to the climax of the film was great and I was expecting the film to carry on that way throughout. The action was great, the scenes and costumes were amazing. Every shot was perfect, you could take a still of each shot and it would always look breathtaking. The romance had potential. However not with Eric the Huntsman, with him being a widower and clearly still morning for his wife, he wouldn’t be a suitable ‘knight in shining armour’ for Snow White. I thought that something would flourish between her and William and was excited about this prospect and to top it off we had the 7 dwarfs. They were as loveable and funny as I think the film could have made them, and their ruggedness and drunkenness was cute and all the more endearing :)

The White Deer ... Aslan?

The White Deer … Aslan?

BUT… around about half way through I thought it suddenly went down hill. It started when Kristen walked through the fairy haven (which did look spectacular to be fair) to speak to this great white deer. All I could think of what that the white deer was just their imitation of Narnia’s Aslan. With him bowing down in acceptance to the girl, so that the people will also accept her. It was all very Aslan and Narnia’ish’.

Then the Queen suddenly transports herself to kill Snow White  and you just think, well why didn’t she do that at the beginning!? Instead of getting her brother to hunt her down, why didn’t she just magically appear to kill her?! But anyway, she doesn’t manage to kill her and instead she gets her to eat the poisoned apple, we all know what happens then. So William goes to kiss her to make her wake up but she doesn’t! This obviously means it’s the dear Eric who has shown any romantic feelings towards her, who turns out to be her true love. He has only been drunk, fought to bring his dead wife back, abandons Snow White and  kills a man in revenge of his dead wife. Does this sound like the most loving relationship? Or do you think that the little boy who always followed her everywhere, and the one that went into the forest to save her knowing all the perils and did it anyway, would be a more loving partner? I would go for the second one, but obviously Rupert Sanders didn’t see it that way. Baffling.

Poison apple

Poison apple

It then came to the point where the Huntsman kisses dear Snow White and she obviously wakes up. That’s when I thought back and remembered that Snow White was locked in a tower since she was a kid, she should still have a child like mentality. After showing very little emotion throughout the whole film (just like Kristen did in Twilight needless to say) she then decides to  wake up with this huge motivational speech to rear up her troops into battle. Where did that just come from?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actor sound like they are  reading a script as much as she did then. She made it totally unbelievable.

I feel harsh saying this, but all she ever does in films successfully is look like she’s out of breath. She NEVER smiles, she only (cough) laughs and her mouth is usually always hanging open. I’ve seen her smile in photos, so why can’t she do it in films? All the films she plays in can’t all be doom and gloom. There were so funny parts she could have smiled in, like with the dwarves, or at the end when she finally became Queen.

The Queen

The Queen

On a brighter note the battle at the end had some pretty good action in and Charlize Theron played the role of the evil Queen perfectly. Both her acting and the costumes design for her were amazing, and there is amazing shot after amazing shot of her throughout the entire film. I would say The evil Queen and the dwarves really made the film.

The best bits in the movie were probably the funny bits. So Universal Pictures ‘serious’ fantasy  movie was held up by the comedy…I think I might have to give Mirror Mirror a go, maybe they had the best idea in the end.

Enjoy (or not in this case)




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