Fifty Shades Freed Review

Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed

It’s finally come to that time, when we’ve all reached the final book of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. So do we rush through it like the previous two, or do we savour it? I went for the latter :)

Fifty Shades Freed didn’t disappoint. But did we even expect it to? It was just as captivating as the first, however this one did have a sweeter touch to it. We really got to see Ana and Christian as a normal couple. Well… normal as you can get with a millionaire husband and ex boss intent on killing him. But apart from that, we really get to see how Ana and Christian are normally, live normal lives, like we would.

If you are hardcore erotica readers and prefer all the very sexual scenes, then I will have to unfortunately inform you that this book isn’t as sex packed as the first two (there is still some naughty bits, just not as much). As I’ve already said, it’s a much sweeter book. You see Christian support Ana and show emotions instead of always relying on sex like they would have before. I guess as the last book, we get to see how the two characters have developped  to be able to adapt to each other and find an equal playing ground.

I found it great that in this last book, E L James integrated both Ana and Christians families into their relationship. We see Christian support Ana with her family issues, and we see Ana do everything possible to help Christians family. I guess this is the last step any of us makes in our relationships. We get to know the person and love the person, then there’s the final step of ‘will they still be there for our families?’. It makes them and their situation all the more relatable.

I think Erika ended the book brilliantly, we get a glimpse into Ana’s life a few years down the line, and we get to see a glimpse in Christians past, but from his point of view! I was very excited about this! We get to see Christian as a child and also get to see the first day Christian and Ana met, but from his perspective. This reminded me a lot of Stephanie’s Meyer book Midnight Sun which was supposed to be from Edwards perspective, but it fell through. And since these books were originally Twilight Fan Fiction, it seems that the link does make sense.

I thought Erika’s thank you note at the end of the book, was a lovely finishing touch. The whole Fifty Shades Trilogy is an absolute must read!

I guess now we just wait for them to make a movie out of this :D Who would you cast as the main characters?





2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Freed Review

  1. bridgetnerdyjones says:

    Completely agree.. my view has changed completely since reading the first book which I have to admit I couldn’t put down. However, it is laughable when you get to the third book and this hot shot, successful, domineering man, won’t even let Ana tickle him because he was never tickled as a child or some other weak reason. It all started getting a bit too easy to laugh at!
    Take a look… talk about 50 shades quite a bit

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