My Diamond Jubilee Nails

Diamond Jubilee NAILS! <3

Up and down the country, the nation has been busy getting ready for the bank holiday jubilee weekend! The celebration is due to the diamond jubilee of our Queen Elizabeth II, who will be celebrating her 60th year in reign. This has been a greatly anticipated moment in most British people’s lives, even those who aren’t great monarchy lovers, still appreciate the extra day off work. :P

Everyone has been preparing for this weekend in their own way, some people decorating their street to get ready for the street party, others making British themed cakes, british themed hair, faces, cars, houses, pets, you name it, the nation has been doing it. :D All in the name of being British.

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As you should already know, I’m French, but I have lived the majority of my life in England so I thought I should join in the festivities as best as I can. My answer to this was, as I’m sure you have already guessed, was to Britishfy my nails :D As a huge do it yourself nail lover, and with time to spare I gave it a go.

I went with a rather simple look, red nails, with 2 british flags per nail, and then as a last minute addition added an extra gold nail :D Thought it would give it some sparkle :) I only had a blue and white nail art pen and a normal red nail varnish. It would have been much easier with a red nail art pen, but I managed to make it work anyway. If you are missing one colour as a nail art pen then use that colour as your base colour :) and apply the other colours in lines around that. If you haven’t got any nail art pens, you can always use a tiny paint brush, it has the same effects :D So here goes…

My Diamond Jubilee Nails <3

My Diamond Jubilee Nails <3

Step 1: Apply a base coat to protect your nail

Step 2: Apply the red coat on all your nails (unless you want a random gold one like I have then paint that one gold)

Step 3: Wait until step 2 is dry, then start applying the white stripes so that it forms the basic British cross. This takes a lot of time and a steady hand, so just be patient with it :)

Step 4: Once that’s dry apply the blue nail varnish in all the outside triangles to complete the flag.

Step 5: When that is fully dry, apply a thick top coat to keep it all in place.

It is important to make sure each step is fully dry before starting a new one, as what will happen otherwise is that the colours will merge together.

If you want extra nail inspiration, go to my Pinterest Nail board. Plenty of fun ideas to do on that :D





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