Celebrity Privacy Issue


Now we all know that there is a serious issue with journalists and how far they can go into someone’s private lives in the name of free speech. What takes priority, article 8, which states you are allowed a private life for you and your family, or article 10 which says everyone is allowed freedom of expression (free speech)? 

Well the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that having a private life and family does not over rule free speech.

This comes after two cases, one that saw a famous German actor who got arrested for possessing cocaine, and Princess Caroline of Monaco tried to sue publishers, stating that they breached their private lives. Princess Caroline of Monaco believed that images taken of her and her husband whilst on a skiing holiday represented a breach of privacy, the court ruled overwise.

They stated that if you are in the public eye then you have no private lives, specifically if it is something that would be of interest to the public. – I found this statement shocking!

What about if you are born into a famous family like the Beckham’s, or royalty? It automatically means you have no privacy, journalists can take photos of you and write all the little sordid details of your private lives as much as they want. Because they are celebrities they have lost one of their human rights.

But surely first and foremost they are humans before being celebrities, no? I understand that they need publicity to keep the status of celebrity, but is it really necessary to have their whole lives open to the public? Not just what they do to be famous, but every little dirty detail. Like the famous F1 chairman, whose whole sex scandal was blasted out in the media. What has that got to do with his job? Why should we know what he gets up to in his private time?

Everyone has got secrets, would you like the whole world to know yours?

I find it fascinating that all celebrities live in this state of half living the high life and half living this horrible revelation of self but to the mass population. The media can really make or break a person, if they decide that someone can be a good villain, then they will stalk and abuse their right of freedom of expression to get the information they want.

As we have been made well aware through the Hackgate scandal. Journalist are going to any length to get the information which has no resorted to hacking into people’s voice mails and reading private messages to then write an article about how someone has the flu.

Something else I find daunting is that the European Court of Human Rights said that, as long as you are a celebrity and it is on “public interest”. What exactly do they define as public interest? I’m not interested in knowing what someone gets up to  in their bedroom, and I’m not interested to know if someone is ill, so why are we still being fed that information from the media? Why are they allowed to delve into such personal matters of people.

I dare to think what would happen if I became a celebrity by accident, and they decided to blast my whole personal life in the media. I would go crazy.

In the end we are all human first. Everyone has a go about racism and sexism, saying that we are all equal. Well so are celebrities, they just have more money than the average person and they use publicity as a PR and Advertising method. No need to get rid of their rights.

What do you think about this issue?




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