Fifty Shades of Grey Review

Well I was in for a surprise when I started reading this. If you’ve had a look at my goodreads account you may have already seen what types of book I like to read and this one has definitely stood out from the crowd. The back of the book reads:

“Romantic, liberating and totally addictive, this is a novel that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever.” 

Well they were 100% right about that!

What I must say first of all is that this book did not come with a warning. I bought it from Tescos and it was simply sat their on the shelf between ‘Salmon fishing in the Yemen’ and ‘The good Muslim‘. I had not read reviews about it, and simply thought that from the blurb that it sounded like a nice romance novel like any other. My, oh my I was in for a surprise.

After page 6 I already knew I loved this book. It had already got me laughing and I loved the honesty in it. Ana (the heroine) is a character that most women my age can relate to and she is funny without trying to be, which makes her so much more lovable. Her and her internal goddesses and internal conciousness have me in hysterics throughout the book.

Then there’s Christian Grey, the extremely successful business man with a very dirty secret. I must say half way through the book I do get a bit wary about him and it seems like the book goes into very “dark” territory. So if you are someone who is quite reserved about sex, then maybe give this book a miss as it will definitely push you out of your comfort zone. However for everyone else I definitely think it’s a must read! Very daring and bold. It’s different to other romance books. Saucier.

Besides all the sex scenes and intense passion, there is a very deep and tender emotion which is a very pure and really extenuates the extremities in love.  We also see a very troubled past that Christian has gone through and how something in his childhood has affected him so much and has actually shaped his life so much.

The characters are great and there’s definitely a great story line holding the whole book together, however there is one big fault. And that’s the writing isn’t great. A lot of repetition, which got me yelling at the book on several occasions “yes, I already knew that, you’ve told me it 4 times already!”

But all in all, this book has fantastic characters and story line, I would recommend every one gives it a try. It will test the reader just as much as you see the characters get tested. How far could you go? ;)





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