The Lucky One

The Lucky One Book Review

The Lucky One Book Cover

The Lucky One Book Cover

Nicholas Sparks is well-known for his romance novels which one by one has hit the big screens. This is one of his many successes which has now also hit cinemas in which Zac Efron takes the leading role of Logan Thibault. I decided to read the book before watching as I always think that by reading the book you make you’re own visualisation of the story, whereas with a movie, you watch someone else’s view of the story.

The book follows Logan’s life of finding the mysterious women on the photograph. He finally meets her (Elizabeth) and starts working with her and befriends her son (Ben) and grandmother (Ellie) which then puts him in a tricky situation. The situation then gets worse when Elizabeth’s ex-husband and Ben’s dad (Keith) gets over protective about her and tries to drive Logan away.

Keith turns out to be a right character, which I can see absolutely no person in the world ever liking. He’s the most childish, spoilt person ever, and definitely makes a great antagonist to this story.

Logan on the other hand, has a much calmer, mature and loving personality. He’s a character that the majority of people will get attached to it. Zeus (his dog) helps loving him even more. The super smart dog also plays a big role in Logan’s life and in the end a big part of Ben’s life also.

I found this book really heart warming and cute. You really feel compassionate in the situation both Logan and Elizabeth are in. All the characters apart from Keith are very loveable and it really makes it easier to get into the book and relate to these people’s lives.

Would definitely recommend it to a friend if they love romances. I would have liked to maybe see a little more passion in their love life, but this fairytale like love story works perfectly well as it anyway. Maybe the film will catch up in the passionate department, will let you know what I thought of the movie as soon as I get round to watching that.





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