Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse book #12) – Review

Deadlocked - Sookie Stackhouse novel #12

Deadlocked – Sookie Stackhouse novel #12

I’ve always been a huge Trueblood fan, following TV series and book series religiously, I have seen the decline of the books and I really do think it’s time for Charlaine Harris to just stop with the books. I don’t think she can pick it back up now.

I really love the Trueblood story, the fact that there is so many different characters, and so much can potentially happen that, the books could carry on being amazing. But it seems like Charlaine has had enough.

There seems to be no real climax in the story, there is just a constant rise and fall of little events. Eric and Sookie aren’t together as far as I know, yet in the book it seems like no one actually knows anything, nor does anything about it. So nothing changes about that. My favourite part in books in the whole romance aspect of it, and  in Deadlocked it really was lacking in romance.

I found the whole book rather disappointing. But I am still really looking forward the Trueblood TV series, that comes out on the 10th June. I think that maybe, like the Vampire Diaries, that vampire and fantasy series turn out better on TV than they do it books. I guess this is because you can see the action better, and they also use a good-looking vampire to keep us ladies attached. Damon – Vampire Diaries and Eric – Trueblood <3 Absolutely mouthwatering!

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