How to: Splatter Nails <3

Splatter nails

Splatter nails

Lately I’ve seen a lot of people on Pinterest doing their nails with this splattered design. I absolutely loved it and thought it was a great way to be really creative and have a lot of fun.

So I thought I should try it out myself, it’s very easy to do and a lot of fun. All you need is cello-tape, a few straws, 2/3 coloured nail varnish and one light or pale coloured nail varnish.

It does make quite a bit of mess though, so I would suggest that you cover up the surface you would be using with newspapers so that you don’t ruin anything of value.

Step 1: Apply a base coat to protect your nail.

Step 2: Apply a light coloured nail polish to each nail. These could be colours such as white, light grey, nude, or any very pale colour. The lighter the colour the more the splatter design will stand out. 

Step 3: Cover up your finger in cello-tape to protect it from making too much mess. Leave the nail itself bare of course.

Splatter nails mess

Splatter nails mess

Step 4: This is the fun part. Dip part of the straw in the nail varnish and blow through it onto your nail. The design will vary depending on the length of the straw, how far away the straw end is to the nail and how hard or fast you blow through the straw. I would suggest to try out some designs on a piece of paper before attempting it on your nail to get your preferred technique.

Step 5: Make sure you change the straws when you change colours. Make sure you wait until each coloured splatter is totally dry before starting with a new colour, as otherwise the colours will merge together and form an ugly brown smudge colour.

Step 6: Finally remove the cello-tape and apply a top coat to keep everything in place and the job is done! :D

This is really great fun and loads of different ways of experimenting with different colours and combinations.





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