Nails matching outfit

Dalmatian nails with red

Dalmatian nails with red

I love decorating my nails as you already know, but now I’m starting to paint my nails more regularly as to make it match my outfits.

For this outfit, I used the red from my lips to match all my nails, and then left one nail per hand to represent the pattern I had on my top, which in this case was a dalmatian spotted print. I have a dalmatian which I love to pieces and have many dalmatian printed stuff around the house to remind me of him. Yes I am gaga about my dog :D

I loved this nail pattern, I thought it wasn’t too in your face. It was quite discrete yet a lot of people commented on it and they did pick up on the fact that it matched my outfit.

Fox nails

Fox nails

For this outfit, I inverted the colours from my dress.I decided to use gold instead of beige, as I thought it would give the outfit a bit more sparkle, and match the gold from my fox necklace. I also used one of the nails to draw the fox from the necklace as a little extra detail :) I realised my fox, doesn’t look very ‘fox-like’ but I still think it looks good.

I absolutely love changing my nails depending on my outfit as this gives me so much more creative ideas which I wouldn’t have done otherwise. It’s also a nice finishing touch. We pamper every other part of our body to match our outfit, why not our nails too?

It is a bit of a long process, but I definitely think it’s worth it.

I hope this gives you inspiration to match your nails with your outfits too :)





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