Scented Nail Varnish review

Revlon Grape Fizz

Revlon Grape Fizz

I’ve always associated scented nail varnish with children nail varnish. I think I used to have strawberry smelling nail varnish when I was a child, and I was rather happy when today I discovered that Revlon had a scented range in my local Boots.

And with the 2 for £8 offer on Revlon nail varnishes it was hard to resist trying them. I decided to go for Grape Fizz and Orange Fizz.

I’ll start with Grape Fizz – it needs about 3/4 coats, but it does look nice and shiny in the end. And it smells delicious! Definitely makes me want to eat my nails <3

Revlon Orange Fizz

Revlon Orange Fizz

Orange Fizz, requires a few more coats, so it might be better to use it as a top layer on an orange base coat. And the smell reminds me or detergent… so not too pleasant. But the overall colour in the end is rather gorgeous, so I am a bit undecided about it.

A problem I encountered with both is that because they require so many coats they take a long time to dry. For example I painted them a few hours ago now, and even though they are mostly dry, they still move around on my nail a bit. They both also made quite a mess and is harder to clear around the nail than normal nail varnish.

I would definitely recommend them though, as they are different. But best to layer with another nail varnish.

I’ve also seen that Revlon has brought new shades out in their scented range, Raspberry Rapture and Mad about Mango look amazing!





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