Safe Movie Review

Last night I saw Safe, the action movie based around an 11-year-old girl who memorizes everything she sees. She is taken by the Chinese mafia to remember an important number (which turns out to be a code for a safe) which they want to protect at all cost.

There then becomes a triangle in New York where the Russian mafia want the girl, the corrupt New York police want the girl and the Chinese mafia want to keep her or kill her if it means that the Russians don’t get her. This is when Luke Wright (Jason Statham) comes in. He’s an ex-cop who lost everything and finds himself in a tricky situation once again.

His path crosses with Mei (the 11-year-old girl) when he is about to commit suicide. That’s when he takes on the role of her guardian and protects her from the Chinese, Russians and corrupt New York cops.

I thought that this movie was average. There was some awesome fighting scenes of hand on combat fighting which I thought made the movie. But apart from that the rest of the story was pretty average.  I think they could have added a twist to the story, as the story is pretty much straight forward with no little surprises, which I thought was a shame.

But overall, if you an action movie lover than this would definitely be a film for you. Just don’t expect too much else from it :)





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