Ear Cuff

Ear Cuffs <3

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 I absolutely love ear cuffs! There I’ve said it! I can’t have enough of them, I want them all, small, big, dangly, quaint, bold, any one of them I want!

There’s a growing trend at the moment with all different types of ear jewelry as opposed to the usual earring and I must admit I have accepted this trend without any hesitation.

If you haven’t already heard of the ear cuff, it’s an earring that attaches to the top of your ear (and no need to have the top of your ear pierced). They come in a wide variety of forms from single little bows, to earrings with a link that attaches to the top of your ear,  to the full on cuff which dangles behind and under your ear, and everything in between.

They are a great way to spice up an outfit and stand out from the crowd. I would suggest to try to get ahead of the masses and get your hands one ASAP before you see everyone with one, so they’ll think you were the trend setter :P

The first time I saw an ear cuff was a few years ago in a movie and I thought I must get one of those, but found it hard to find a nice one. And then about 2/3 months ago I found a gorgeous ear cuff in RiverIsland and bought it straight away. Since then, I have seen all other retailers coming up with their own ear cuffs.

Only problem with these I must admit if that some of them hurt, but as they say, you can’t have beauty without pain :)





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