We Are Hunted.com

Recently I have decided to pay more interest to music and listen to different of genres. I wanted to expand my choices of music instead of just the most listened to playlists on BBC Radio 1. Even though I still enjoy listening to that, I wanted to try something different.

After long searches on Google, a friend informed me of a site called We Are Hunted. I understand that this isn’t a totally brand new website, but I had never heard of it before and I thought that maybe you wouldn’t have either.

I am in love with this website! My first opened page is no longer Facebook or Tweetdeck, but We Are Hunted.

It has a wide range of music and very easy to use. You get to make your own playlist and listen to other people’s playlist and discover new types of music and song covers. You use the instant playlist to create a playlist based on one artist. The App will then generate a playlist based on this artist and their genre of music.

What’s also great about it unlike Spotify and Youtube, is that there are so far no adverts! (Crossing my fingers and hope that doesn’t change) and it’s totally FREE! You can listen to it as much as you like whenever you like. If you have already got Spotify however you can link your We Are Hunted accounts with it. So if you’ve already subscribed to them you can still enjoy the benefits of the different type of music from We Are Hunted on it.

I definitely think that if you want to try something new and listen to something different you should definitely give it a try.

If you want to give it a go, go to: http://www.wearehunted.com.





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