Fed up of April Showers

April Showers

What is up with this weather? I know there’s the term April Showers, which everyone knows in April it does rain a bit which helps Spring to start up and what not. But this year, I think April has taken the term April Showers a little too literally for my liking.

I live in Lincoln which is in the East Midlands. And it has not stopped raining. You get the odd hour of non rain but dark grey clouds looming over head. And apprently it will carry on raining for the rest of April! Where is all this rain coming from?!

Last year in April it was wonderful. We would eat outside, revise whilst sunbathing, go for walks and get ice cream from the ice cream man. And this year its the opposite. I got caught out in HAIL two times in a row this week. TWICE!

And this also affects the fashion trends. All the spring summer collection have come out in the stores,  but it seems like no one wants to buy them. The last thing you want in this weather is a white cotton dress and sandals. So it means that we are stuck in this mid season which isn’t actually winter nor spring. You can’t wear dresses as it rains and it’s cold, but its a bit too warm for a big coat. Trying to find a middle ground seems like hard work, especially when we all know that summer should be here soon enough, should we invest in a larger mid season closet, or just brace the rain and wait for summer to arrive?




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