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How to: Water Marble Nails

Lately I’ve seen a lot of images of water marbled nails and I think it looks amazing. So I decided to have ago myself and show you how I did it, incase you want to try it out for yourself too. It’s not as complicated as it seems, it’s basically acting like a child for an hour and making a mess. What you need for this is:

  • A varied amount of nail varnishes (minimum 3)
  • Cello-tape
  • A cup or a mug which you don’t mind if it gets ruined.
  • A toothpick, or an old pen. Anything which is pointy that you don’t mind to get ruined.
  • Water
  • And a lot of tissue!

So here goes (:

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Step 1Fill your cup or bowl with water and place it on a flat surface which you should cover with tissue paper.

Step 2Apply a base coat to protect your nail once that’s dry apply a light coloured nail varnish in case the marbling misses some areas.

Step 3 Cut up pieces of cello tape and wrap the skin around your nail in it. This helps to not get your hand too messy (Photo?) The more cello-tape around your finger the less mess it’ll be to take off after.

Step 4Now you are ready to start your bullseye. Start with one nail varnish and let a drop fall into the water, you will see the nail varnish dillute slightly and form a circular shape (don’t worry if it’s not a perfect circle) Then change colours and let one drop of nail varnish fall into the centre of the bullseye. Carry on this step with changing colours until you have 6-8 circles. The more intricate the patterns the more circles you will want.

Step 5Before the nail varnish dries, use your pen or toothpick to drag the nail varnish and form the patterns you want.

Step 6:Once you have the pattern you like, place your nail straight onto the water. Make sure that your nail is the first thing to touch the nail varnish and leave your finger in there for a few seconds.

Step 7After having waited a while, do not take your finger straight out, as all that will happen is the rest of the nail varnish in the cup will get stuck ontop of the pattern and then making a horrible mess of your nail. The way around this is to take away the rest of the nail varnish in the cup with your pen or toothpick whilst you’r finger is still in the water. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds, the nail varnish sticks to the pen, and comes out relatively easy.

Step 8: When all the remaining nail varnish is gone you can take your finger out and let it dry before taking the cello-tape off and adding a top coat.

Step 9Repeat this Steps 2 till 8 with each finger and you will find yourself with water marble nails (:

As you can see this is a very long process and the results can be very unreliable. I found out of my 10 nails, there was only about  4 of them that I actually liked and they looked amazing! Am I likely to do it again? I’m not sure, it was a long process and I wasn’t happy with all my nails, but the ones I liked I loved and I did get a lot of compliments about them. I think next time I might just do one water marble nail on each hand. What do you think the water marble nail?

Enjoy (:




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