British Museum Presentation Day

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The dreaded day has finally arrived for us to present the advertising campaign we had worked on this past semester. We each had our own role in our group, my role was looking after the creatives. In other words making the posters.

The plan was to arrive 2 hours before our presentation started and plan out who would say what, and do a quick run through to make sure we run on time and then print off all the leaflets with extra information to hand out to everyone.

What actually happened was, half our team arrived an hour late, the leaflets were all in the wrong order, so when we printed out half the pages were the wrong way round. We then carried on and broke the printer, which meant I couldn’t do anything until it was fixed. Whilst this was going on, I had told Nicole to finish up the presentation, she didn’t tell me she didn’t know how to use Prezi at all. So she made no changes to it. And then we finally gave up with the leaflets and only had two to give to the 10 people who will be judging us.

So I’m not happy that the presentation didn’t go according to plan :(

However, I have just got some feedback from lecturer in question and he was actually very impressed with our presentation and creative concept. So clearly our faults with the leaflets wasn’t such a problem as we had still provided all the necessary work.

But I’m still disappointed with how the presentation went. The difference with those leaflets could be the difference between getting a first or a 2:1. Next time I must:

  • British Museum- Home of the Aztec. Tube PosterGet presentation finished a week before the presentation day.
  • Get everything needed printed a week before presentation day.
  • Learn to give up sooner when I know its not going to work instead of dragging everything else down with it.

Hopefully my next presentation will go better than this one.





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