Samantha Brick Article – my response

Samantha Brick

I know this a bit late, but I just wanted to say a few words about it, and I don’t get why everyone is making a big fuss about it.

She isn’t top model gorgeous like she said, but for a 41-year-old, yes she does look pretty good. And she deserves it, as like she says, she doesn’t drink or smoke and exercises regularly. This means she deserves to look better than the rest of us who binge on chocolate and alcohol and laze around all weekend on the sofa.

I thought there was no problem with the article, just a women explaining how it was like being her and living with having bitchy women all your life. But then I started reading the comments from other readers saying that she was arrogant. This is the part where I now found myself wanting to defend Samantha Brick.

People are calling her arrogant, yet we live in a world where more and more women starve themselves or make them self throw up to look good. Shouldn’t we be happy that a woman is accepting her beauty? If you go on Facebook, you’ll see countless women taking photos of just themselves over and over again posing in different clothes or lipstick shade. Aren’t those women arrogant too? Since they clearly think they’re gorgeous,as they took a million photos of themselves.

I know we only have her word for it, I think I would like to see another article from maybe some female employees she used to work with, to see if what she’s saying is actually true. But from what I’ve read from her, I think good on her to accept herself. Other woman should stop being jealous they didn’t look that good when they were in their forties and just start accepting their bodies too.

If you want to read Samantha Bricks article yourself and get your own opinion of her go on:




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