Tough Nail Varnish Removing Technique

The products you need for this nail varnish remover trick

If you use glitter nail varnishes or deep reds, I’m sure you’ve struggled with getting it off. Spending a good 15 minutes rubbing the varnish off, just to end up with glitter covering your whole hand, or even worse, a bright red hand.

I’ve found a technique which is mess free and doesn’t take that long to do. All you need is nail varnish remover, cotton balls and tin foil.

You need to do this process one hand at a time, as you will figure out once your hands are covered in tin foil.

Step 1: Cut up the tin foil in about 10cm to 15cm square.

Step 2: Pour your usual amount of nail varnish remover onto the cotton ball and place the cotton ball directly onto your nail, ensuring that your whole nail is covered by the cotton. Don’t rub, just place it on.

How your hand should look like once all the foil and cotton balls have been placed

Step 3: Wrap the foil around your nail and tip of your finger, making sure that the cotton ball stays in place on the nail. Make sure that the foil is nice and tight.

Step 4: Repeat this step, until your whole hand is done and then wait 5-8 minutes.

Step 5: Once the 5-8 minutes are simply pull off the foil with the cotton but and all your layers of nail varnish will be stuck onto the cotton ball. If any nail varnish remains it will rub off easily with the use of another cotton ball.

Enjoy (:




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