Need help growing your hair?


Wish your hair was this long?

Are you trying to get your hair to grow and not seeing much difference? Maybe it’s because you are using Conditioner.

I have always been one of those unfortunate people that can never seem to ever make their hair grow. About a year ago I decided I’m actually going to look after my hair so that it grows again.

So this past year has resulted in me:

  • not dying my hair
  • not using hair straighteners
  • taking hair growth and vitality tablets
  • pulling my hair in the shower so that it grows
  • and eating healthy to get more needed nutrients to help it grow
  • wash my hair every 3 days or every other day to let it breathe

And guess what. Nothing changed. After all that time my hair has barely grown an inch!

Until the day when by accident, I didn’t use Conditioner. I’ve read up every trick about how to get my hair to grow, but not once did I see about not using conditioner. And since then I very rarely use conditioner (I save it the nights out and dates :P ) And my hair is now visibly healthier, thicker AND it’s grown nearly 2 inches in just the space of over a month!

I’ve now stopped using all products on my hair and only use normal shampoo for my hair type and my hair has never seemed healthier.

I think what I’ve been doing over all these years is suffocating my hair not letting it breathe. So my advice to you, is try not using Conditioner for a couple of weeks and see the difference for yourself.




One thought on “Need help growing your hair?

  1. kanchantooray says:

    I’m actually going to stop using conditioner now and not straighten my hair for at least two weeks! I’ll let you know if i notice a difference (hopefuilly i do!) x

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