Hunger Games Film Review


Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games

I’ve finally managed to go see the Hunger Games today, and I was not disappointed at all.

Like most people who’ve read books and seen the movie adaptation of it, usually always come out disappointed, I am no different. Twilight, Kite Runner, My Sisters Keeper, Lovely Bones, etc… each one the book in amazing, the film less so. Even though I thought Peter Jackson did a terrific job with Lovely Bones, still thought it didn’t live up to how great the book was.

And I actually think that maybe this book to movie adaptation is actually equal. The way the movie was laid out really made the audience feel for Katniss. It didn’t just feel like a movie it felt like you were living in someone else’s life. The use of silences made it seem that much more realistic, the way you could hear the birds chirping and the crunch of leaves when people walked.


This is without a shadow of a doubt when Peeta looks the most gorgeous.

I thought that the minimal amount of conversation also helped the audience identify themselves with Katniss and Peeta more. As when we live our lives, we aren’t always talking out loud all our thoughts, and I thought it was clever for them to do the same with Katniss. It made her seem more loveable.

I’ll end with the only “slight” problem I have with the movie, and that was her outfit. After imagining how it would look like, I expected them to use better graphics then they did. It looked very fake and I think with our technology and capabilities they could have done a much better job.

Apart from that, I loved it! Can’t wait to watch the next film and finish the final book.




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