Liven up your nails

I’m not sure about you, but I think having beautiful nails can really cheer up your day. Even if it’s only you looking at your art work after a hard day at work or studying, or the person on the bus home commenting on your nails, it can really be a mood booster.

So I have taken it upon myself to always make sure I have funky nails to get me through university assignments and exams.

This is my latest creative work on the ends of my fingers (:

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To anyone who wants to try this at home, it’s very simple to do.

All you need is a variety of different nail varnish colours of your choice (preferably bright colours) and a black nail art pen. I have invested in Model Own Black Nail art pen and it’s very useful with its 2 pen tips, so you can do even the smallest little details. (and last week I saw that they have come up with more colours so you can experiment even more) I would definitely recommend investing in one, they’re only about £6-£8.

Step 1: Apply a base coat to protect your nails and keep them from colouring.

Step 2: Now apply different colours to each nail in a random order, apply a second coat if needed.

Step 3: Once nails are dry you can start using the nail art pen to make patterns/lines on each finger. Try to make each pattern look different to really spice up your hand.

Step 4: To finish off, apply a top coat to make sure everything stays in place and avoids any chipping.

And the great thing about this style is that it’s very easy and quick to do for all of you who haven’t got much time to spend or who aren’t manicure experts.

Enjoy (:



PS: I apologise for my weird shaped claw of a hand :P


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